1. Be persistent and open-minded. There's more than one way to achieve your dream.        "I've had to sacrifice so much, so for me, persistence was always what got me through everything," Jason Pinchoff, founder of New York-based fashion line A PINCH LIFE, tells A Plus. By the time he was 18, he'd lost his sister and father, Jacqueline and Herbert, in a car accident, and his mother, Linda, to cancer. Instead of succumbing to these personal tragedies, he pushed through to create professional success.  Finding a creative outlet for his talents hasn't just helped Pinchoff cope with his own difficulties, but has inspired and empowered others as well. "Whatever you go through, if you use your history...

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Jason Pinchoff (PINCH NYC & The Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation) Dealing with a health crisis or the death of a family member is never easy, but for Jason Pinchoff, tragedy struck all at once. In 1992, Pinchoff lost his father and sister in a car accident. Later that year, he lost his mother to breast cancer. This series of personal misfortunes led Pinchoff to found the Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation, an organization named for his mother and dedicated to supporting and "bringing a voice" to families affected by cancer. "My first approach was to work 80 hours a week and not tell anyone what was going on," Pinchoff said. "I realized so many people become silent due to disease-related issues, which...

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