Kid’s Day was developed by the Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation and is sponsored by A Pinch Life lifestyle brand. To date, the foundation has executed six Kid’s Day celebrations at various locations around New York City, including Montefiore Children's Hospital in The Bronx.  Through fashion, the initiative aims to give a voice to children battling cancer by equipping them with hats and accessories to decorate and make their own.  All supplies, event organization and fashion accessories are donated by A Pinch Life.


While no KiDS Day is the same, traditional supplies such as arts & crafts, paint and picture frames are purchased via donations to The Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation and provided to the event participants. A typical event, which can service anywhere from 10 to 70 children, brings a team of volunteers to spend three hours with the children and how the time is spent varies. In some events the children are looking for a chance to talk about their feelings, while others are a celebration of art, music and creativity. The children’s physical health is always considered and if a child’s immune system can’t handle large crowds an individual plan is created to meet the child’s needs.