The Pinchoff's, a typical American family of four, was struck with the devastating news that Linda, loving wife and mother of Jacqueline and Jason, had breast cancer. In 1989, Linda and Herbert shared the news with their children, Jacqueline was 14, and Jason was just 11 years old. The Pinchoff family had already weathered countless storms worrying over their son, Jason, who was dealing with numerous hospitalizations and open-heart surgeries. Despite these challenges, the family had always made it through with strength. Linda's courage would help her beat the odds, as she had done so many times before.
Then in 1992, misfortune hit again when an automobile accident took the lives of Jacqueline and Herbert. Overwrought with grief, Linda learned that her cancer had returned and was spreading rapidly. After almost four heroic years of fighting the disease, Linda eventually lost her battle, leaving the family’s son, Jason, alone with his heartache and pain. 
Coping with anger, depression and loss sent Jason into the unimaginable dark underworld of drugs, alcohol abuse and suicide attempts as he searched for someone to listen. Struggling alone to find his way, Jason missed what other teens and young adults experienced: a mother to call in the middle of the night, a father to provide career advice, and a sister to share his secrets with. He longed for the loving ear of a family member, someone to listen and, more importantly, to love him. However, those dark days of constant struggles and the self-healing that followed created a passion and a mission to find purpose and meaning from the experiences that had shaped his life. Through the Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation, we hope to help children, families and individuals "Bring a Voice" to the coping mechanisms that help achieve personal tranquility when cancer strikes.