Children's Book

At the age of 11, Jason Pinchoff learned that his beloved mother, Linda, had breast cancer. She conquered the illness, only to have it return three years later after the tragic death of Jason’s sister and father from a car accident. Jason did the best he could in the role of caregiver, but without support, without help, without knowledge, and at such a young age, Jason struggled to remain positive in the face of adversity. DWAFFES: A FAMILY TALKS CANCER was created by the Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation in order to provide that support, that help and that knowledge to kids whose loved ones are coping with cancer.  DWAFFES aims to provide what Jason so desperately needed; an uncomplicated way to discuss the disease and the different ways it can affect those battling it. All proceeds from book sales go towards the Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation and its continued commitment to help those affected by cancer. Unfortunately, Linda lost her battle with cancer, but her positive spirit can live on through the Linda B. Foundation and help those in need.