Behind The Logo

The Color: International Orange stands out, represents hope in many ways and is bold.  

The Reason: We should all be bold and stand out in crowds.  We have a common link between us and through the tears we become united.  

The Image:  Four individuals standing as one close family.  Maybe it’s a mother and her three children or a father and mother holding their two kids close.     

Whether you see it as friends coming together or family strong and united the end result is the same - we all need the ribbons of hands squeezing us together.    I wanted the image to express a need to reach out, a need to be heard and a need to share your voice.    

For Jason Pinchoff it is the perfect combination of loved ones being held together.  The original concept was of a family standing and a ribbon tying them closely together leaving no one to feel alone.  

​There are always ways to be heard and it is my desire and hope that with this foundation we can bring a voice to the many who have had to endure the pains that go along with cancer.